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2 Habits That Are Preventing You from Being Healthy and Happy


It takes just about twenty-five to thirty days to form a new habit. The little things that you do every day can have a big impact on your health and mental wellness after a few weeks. The small or even short gesture that you practice every day will ultimately become a stubborn habit that you would have a difficulty removing later. Chances are you are barely aware which of these traditions that you have are detrimental to your health and even to your psychological well-being. If you are noticing any suspicious symptoms in your body, you should not hesitate to contact Clinic Time to have an excellent Primary Care Physician in New Port Richey FL to take a look at you. We can help assess your condition and which habits you should be cutting back with our good Internal Medicine Doctor. We make Medical Check Up in FLaccessible and efficient.

  • Too Much Screen Time

    It is not shocking news to hear that obesity is on the rise due to people’s sedentary lifestyle. Maybe at one time you procrastinate taking a walk, jogging, or performing any forms of exercise and binge on TV series and movies instead. One day becomes two until you decide to just make the relaxing activity go on for a week and then you would finally exercise. After a week, it becomes harder for you to take a break from your shows. Getting up becomes very difficult. Gradually, you turn into a couch potato. This is very harmful to your health. Your muscles and your joints are designed to move, and if you do not use them, they will become weaker.

  • Too Much Junk Food

    Most of the time, binge-watching is associated with terrible snacking. It becomes convenient for you to rather have pizza for dinner instead of cooking, since the latter would take time away from the screen. The former, on the other hand, is nearly effortless since you only need to make an order either from your phone or the same device you watch your shows, and go to the door to take the delivery. Most of these favorite snacks are high in calories and have barely any nutrients in them. As a result, your body is not receiving anything healthy from the diet or the movie marathons.

    An unhealthy body often leads to an unhealthy mind. An unhealthy mind often leads to an unhappy life. You can even notice the trend nowadays in social media. The people who are spending too much time on their gadgets are claiming to be sad, bored, and unsatisfied with life. They have trained their bodies and minds to be restricted in the life of nearly pure use of phones, computers, and tablets. They have spared themselves from experiencing the rush of adrenalin in playing sports and in doing other exercises which induce chemicals that would have spared them from being unhappy.

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