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5 Essential Qualities to Look for in a Doctor

Most people either have a general idea about what the ideal doctor should be like or haven’t really given it any thought at all. However, if you happen to be in search of a new physician or are in need of a specialist, important traits of a good medical provider should be among the things you need to consider. These qualities in a doctor will help you and your family get the care you require without too many worries or challenges.

  1. 1. Widely Knowledgeable and Professional. The knowledge a doctor should have about the human body and its functions should be extensive. This is exactly what is required of such a professional in order to provide the kind of medical advice that helps patients achieve and maintain exceptional overall health.

  2. 2. Good Credentials. While a diploma from a great school and other credentials are not a measurement of the quality of care a doctor can deliver, they are certainly things you can start with. If a doctor doesn’t have good credentials, then you should very much consider other options. The meeting of all licensing requirements and board certification is also a must. You can also get a feel of the level of care these professionals can provide based on the hospitals and companies they are affiliated with.

  3. 3. Patience. This is among the most important qualities of a doctor and is something you should always look for from the very start. There are doctors who focus more on quantity compared to the quality. This means that they would fit as many patients in a day as they can, rushing appointments and making decisions which may not necessarily be the best for your health. Focus on finding a physician who will take the time to answer your questions and make sure you understand what your current health situation is.

  4. 4. Excellent Communication Skills. A physician has to be good at both providing information, as well as listening to the patient. Patients who understand their doctors will be able to better manage their health and take care of themselves.

  5. 5. Empathy and Sincerity. You should always feel relaxed around your doctor. He or she should always make you feel comfortable enough to share the many concerns and questions regarding your health. If you find that there is absolutely no emotional connection between you and your physician, then it would be high time to find a new one. Someone who is friendly, compassionate, and encouraging would help put patients at ease and make it easier for them to follow treatments properly.

You can expect all our doctors at Clinic Time to possess all these traits and more! If you happen to be looking for a Primary Care Physician in New Port Richey FL to attend to you and your family’s health needs, you may just find the right one at our clinic. We also have a brilliant Internal Medicine Doctor who can assist you with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of both acute and chronic diseases, ensuring the effective and efficient health management of all our patients.

You may acquire all the information you need about Clinic Time by visiting You may also schedule an appointment with our trusted physicians by calling 727-233-1118 or sending an email to

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