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Killer Habits to Stop ASAP


Old habits die hard, but unhealthy habits kill easily.

In this world full of temptations, we should learn how to discipline ourselves to maintain our healthy well-being. If we just give in to these unhealthy habits without a fight, it is highly probable that our bodies will suffer from pain and diseases in the future.

Are you wondering what habits are killing your body?

  • Too Much Drinking. Undeniably, our body benefits from moderate amounts of alcohol. However, drinking too much would hurt us. When we drink one or two servings of alcohol every day, the alcohol works to reduce our risk of heart diseases; but drinking beyond this number will create an opposite result. Drinking too much liquor have been the cause of thousands of deaths every year, including deaths due to accidents encountered by drunk victims and deaths due to cardiovascular diseases.
  • Sleeping Less. Sleeping is the only time of the day when our brain gets to work less. This is the period when our whole body rests and feels the least stress. When we fail to sleep at least seven to nine hours every day, our body becomes overworked. Our hearts become too tired and more vulnerable to dangerous heart diseases.
  • Staying Too Long Near Electronic Gadgets. Sitting on our couch while scanning through our Facebook feeds or watching our favorite shows on TV, might be our ideal ways of relaxing after a day’s hard work. Do you know that this mannerism could do more harm than good? We have already been facing computer screens throughout the day. We have already been exposed to too many stressors. And it is impossible to escape stress when we keep on using our gadgets.
  • Smoking. Our heart and blood need oxygen to function properly. Whenever we smoke, we deprive these organs of the necessary amount of oxygen. Smoking also dulls our taste buds which can result in loss of appetite. Additionally, this bad habit could result in plaque build-up in our arteries which could later lead to clotting and further result in heart attack or stroke.
  • Nail Biting. No matter how much we clean our hands each day, this pair will always be exposed to harmful elements in our environment. Once we put out nails to our mouth and use our teeth to trim our nails, germs and bacteria could readily get inside our body. Besides, biting our nails could also lead to dental problems.
  • Not Eating Breakfast. Our busy schedule oftentimes deprives us of our time to eat our breakfast. Since many of us wake up late and still want to be on time for work, we just simply ignore the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Without eating proper breakfast in the morning, we will have less energy to accomplish our daily tasks and it will be too difficult to focus on our work. This habit also has many health risks like high blood pressure.

These habits, if not resolved and just continued, will put our body vulnerable to numerous diseases. If you have had any of these habits for quite a long time now without visiting any Primary Care Physician in New Port Richey FL at least once for a check-up, you should consider getting a medical check up in FL now.

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