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What to Expect During Your Medical Checkups


Have you had your medical checkup yet? What is stopping you from getting that annual medical checkup that your workplace offers you? We understand that visiting your doctor can be scary. You never know what you get after that fifteen-minute talk with your doctor.

Here are three things that you can expect on:

  • The Basic Checkups

    If you are one of those people who regularly go on an annual medical checkup, you may be familiar with the process. But if you are one of those who rarely visits the doctor, the idea of going to one may be quite intimidating. You are scared of what might be discovered from the check-up and the questions that your doctors ask.

    But if you just want to get a basic checkup, there is no need to panic. You will most likely have a checkup of your vital signs, your blood pressure, and your blood sugar. This is just to see if you are susceptible to hypertension and diabetes. Your respiration is also checked as it can be indicators of an impending lung problem.

  • Thorough Health Exams

    Before you undergo any kind of checkup, your doctor will ask you some important questions. Our Internal Medicine Doctor at Clinic Time will ask you health-related questions to know whether your heart, lungs, and head are functioning normally.

    You can have a heart exam and EKG and other laboratory exams to receive comprehensive results. This is especially applicable to patients who have a medical history and a family history of lung problems and cancer. Whether you are feeling any internal discomfort or not, it helps to check these things before it gets worse.

Visiting your doctor is not a nightmare. In fact, it is very helpful. You get to know your health status and you get an advice on how to improve your health. Your doctor will not judge you for your lifestyle or your health condition. Their main concern is how to keep you healthy and have a longer life.

Clinic Time, the trusted name for Primary Care Physician in New Port Richey FL., offers quality yet affordable medical checkups for you and your family. You get state of the art facilities and first-class experience with our professional doctors.

To know more about your medical check-ups, you can consult us at Clinic Time or visit our website for more details!

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