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5 Power Foods That Purify Our Lungs and Liver


Various small details in our lifestyles gravely affect the health of our lungs and liver. Smoking, which is most common to young professionals, can cause respiratory health problems. Too much drinking, on the other hand, can severely damage the liver.

Hence, if bad habits have already been part of our daily routine, we should get regular check-ups from a Primary Care Physician in New Port Richey FL. Other than getting regular check-ups, we should also practice the habit of eating healthy.

The following are power foods which can help cleanse, detoxify, and minimize the damage we cause to our lungs and liver.

  1. 1. Green Leafy Vegetables. Not all of us have developed the love for greens. In fact, some of us feel disgusted whenever we see herbs on the dining table. But if we continue to hate this powerful type of food, we would not have a chance to clean our organs. Because these greens are rich in chlorophyll, they can detoxify our blood and consequently, promote lung and liver health.

    These green leafy vegetables can be eaten raw, cooked, or juiced. From now one, we should include in our meal options spinach, lettuce, mustard greens, kale, dandelion, cabbage, mind, and coriander leaves.

  2. 2. Vitamin C rich foods. This particular vitamin boosts production of enzymes which help in naturally detoxifying the liver. Vitamin C also aids the lungs in easily transporting oxygen throughout our body. Foods which contain high amounts of Vitamin C are grapefruit, kiwi, guava, lemons, lime, and oranges.
  3. 3. Green Tea. Green tea protects our bodies from various types of cancer and it also helps in removing fluids from our lungs. This tea also has powerful antioxidants which boost our respiratory and cardiovascular health. So our bodies would definitely benefit from drinking tea or eating foods with green tea.
  4. 4. Ginger. This spice which adds flavor to numerous dishes also provides a lot of health benefits to both the lungs and liver. Ginger stimulates digestion and circulation which results in the cleansing of the liver. Moreover, this spice also eliminates air pollutants from our air passages so it decreases the workload of the lungs.
  5. 5. Omega-3 rich foods. Foods containing high levels of omega-3 assist the liver in reducing LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Omega-3 also helps our lungs become stronger and more resistant to different diseases. Almonds, pistachios, walnuts, Chia seeds, and fatty fishes like Mackerel and Salmon are just some of the foods rich in omega-3.

Maintaining our health and fitness requires great effort from us. We should never be passive when it comes to our health and start to practice daily habits which would promote our well-being. Other than eating the right types of food and exercising regularly, we should also make it a habit to visit Clinic Time for medical check-ups by our internal medicine doctors.

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