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Obesity and Cancer: Understanding the Link

Obesity and Cancer: Understanding the Link

Obesity is associated with health issues including stroke, heart attack, and diabetes. However, studies have revealed that cancer is a serious concern for those who are overweight or obese.

How Obesity Increases your Risk of Cancer

Obesity increases a person’s risk of developing cancer in many ways. An obese body has fat cells that produce the female sex hormone estrogen. Some cancers have sensitivity to this hormone, and too much of it can result in an increased risk of breast and endometrial cancers. Also, carrying excess fat for many years heightens such risk. In addition, obese people are very likely to have high-sugar diets, which increase their risk of cancer. Some studies show that sugar fuels cancer cells. For more information on this, talk to our Internal Medicine Doctor.

Reducing your Risk

A change in eating habits and daily routines will reduce your risk of cancer. Apart from losing excess weight, it is important to embrace a healthier lifestyle to improve various health aspects; thus, minimizing the ways in which cancer possibly develops. Other steps that can be taken include:

  • Changing some behaviors. A behavioral change helps in reducing the amount of food consumed, and helps in increasing physical activity. A clinical psychologist, exercise physiologist, a dietitian, or your Primary Care Physician in New Port Richey FL can help.

  • Getting support. For a lot of people, being obese or overweight is more complex than consuming too much food and failing to exercise. For optimal weight loss, support is required. Weight loss specialists and dietitians can help in making lifestyle changes and sticking with them.

  • Taking medicines. Weight loss medications are often recommended if other weight loss options fail. Also, they are recommended to those suffering from health conditions as a result of obesity. But make sure you get a Medical Check up in FL before taking any weight loss medications.

  • Considering surgery. A bariatric surgery is recommended for people who have at least 40 body mass index or those with health problems associated with obesity.

Reducing Cancer Risk in the Community

Embracing a healthier lifestyle can be easier for those who have an active lifestyle and stay in an environment which supports healthy behaviors. But communities can work together to establish the kind of environment where people can easily make healthy choices.

Asking for healthier food choices in school and in the workplace is a good start. Also, we can ask for a healthy option for each junk food item in the vending machine. We can support food establishments which offer healthy options to customers such as lower-calorie items, smaller portions and whole-grain products. Finally, we must help in making our communities safer and more ideal places for walking, socializing, and playing some sports.

Challenge yourself to lose some weight. Now is the right time to make healthy food choices, increase your physical activity and limit alcohol. For more health advice, call Clinic Time at 727-233-1118.


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