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Want to Get Better? 2 Tips to Effectively Talk to Your Doctor


Doctors are not mind readers. Yes, they are experts, but, it does not mean that they can tell what is wrong with you or what has been causing your illness at one glance. You need to talk to them openly. To be diagnosed properly and more quickly, you have to be good at communicating with the Internal Medicine Doctor about how you have been feeling, what changes you have noticed, what precautions you have taken, and the like. These days, when you come for a medical check in FL, nurses hand you a survey that you need to fill out about your symptoms and feelings. Although you may have ticked off all symptoms relating to your condition, it is still best to enumerate and describe them to your Primary Care Physician in New Port Richey FL. Clinic Time suggests to you effective ways to communicate to doctors:

  • Don’t Be Shy

    Come on, do not skip the details about the changes in your bowel movement or that you are feeling pains and discomfort in your private parts. Many patients have the tendency to keep mum unusual changes in their excretions’ smell, color, or texture. It may seem awkward to you but trust us, it is normal for the doctor to hear about these things. So go ahead and be detailed about it. When it comes to unusual discharge or discomfort in the privates, people try to keep it to themselves. If you experience and notice any abnormality in your pee, do not hold it back. Tell us about it. You can be better helped, diagnosed right, given the right medication, and most especially can recover quicker if your physician has the full details of your ailment.

  • Don’t Be Scared

    We are aware that you, like many other people, have the tendency to self-treat. In these modern days where information is very accessible, many people look up their symptoms online and get themselves some over the counter drugs or do some home remedies. While the idea seems creative and resourceful, it is not completely efficient or helpful. To an extent, it could be harmful to you since not everything you find on the internet is correct. But it is okay. If you have done this prior to coming to the doctor, it is best to let us know what medications you have taken, what its effect to you have been, and so on. If you keep from us certain drugs that you have taken, it can complicate the effectiveness of the medicine that we would soon prescribe to you. You see, some drugs do not work together and other combination of drugs can have a different effect on the results we are hoping for.

    We will never scold you if you honestly tell us everything. That is not our job. Remember that we aim to make you better.

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